Pinterest Communities – and why you should start using them today.

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Pinterest is one of my favourite marketing tools, and I’m yet to find a business that it doesn’t work for.  When working with clients on their Pinterest Audits and training them on how to use Pinterest for their business, the first thing they ask is whether it can work for their business.

Pinterest is (was) a visual search engine that your clients use to create virtual pinboards of things they want to buy, use or learn.  Who wouldn’t want to be on that?  Even better, now they’ve added a social aspect too – so it’s even easier than ever to connect, communicate and collaborate with your networks and audience.

Recently, Pinterest has quietly announced the arrival of Pinterest Communities.  Set to change the way pinners communicate with each other, it’s a brand new way to promote your content, pins, and blogs with other people in your niche and grow your audience.

Communities allow you to post comments, have conversations and post links to your content!

Right now, Pinterest Communities are brand new, and they are only allowing one group with each unique name – so you’ve got a chance to get in and grab the community name for your niche/brand and business.

Before you can access communities, you need to join one.  If you’d like to join some to get you started here’s a few

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Business Strategy Coaches

Marketing for Small Businesses

If these links send you back to the Pinterest homepage, you might need to try from the Pinterest App the first time.  It’s still a bit glitchy, so keep trying and log in and out if it doesn’t work and it might reset itself.

So far, these already some interesting communities popping up – and people are already interacting with each other.  Why not give it a try and see how it can work for your business.

What can Pinterest Communities do for your business?

Communities are very, very new. So at the moment, they are free and growing rapidly, and no one really knows what they might become.  But the potential to access new audiences, collaborate and share more widely than ever before and be one of the first adaptors is very tempting.

I’m going to start using Pinterest Communities myself, and will keep you updated on how I’m using them and growing my audience with them.

Top tips (so far!)

  • Give your community a keyword rich name – Digital Marketing for Bloggers is more searchable than Tanya’s top tips for growing your audience.
  • Keep it simple – 3 – 4 words is perfect
  • Try them out – invite your followers, see what you can do, have a go.
  • Get in quick to secure your niche/name
  • Use your community description to add in keywords and long-tail SEO statements that describe who you are and what you do

Pinterest Training small business your business wife

What do you think – are Pinterest Communities going to make Group Boards redundant?  What features would you like to see them add to communities?


Have no idea where to start with Pinterest for your business?  Or maybe you’ve been thinking of changing your wedding/baby pins account over to something for your business.  I can help with my Pinterest Training – whether you need a one off session, or a series of 4-6 sessions to get you completely up and running – get in touch and see what I can help with.  You can book a session today at