Tone Of VOice Guidelines

Clear guidelines that spell out your key messages, the words that define your brand and the way your brand sounds to the world.   


Does your brand sound the way you want?

Coke, Nike, Vogue, Beyonce.  When you think of these brands you are probably automatically recalling their Tone of Voice.

They use words to create a clear, consistent, instantly recognisable voice in all their messaging.  Is your brand funky? fun? serious? fit? fashionable? When you define your Tone of Voice, all your communications fall easily into place from emails to website content.

Having a Tone of Voice document created for your business gives you:

  • Your brand story outlined – who you are, what you do and why
  • Your own word bank that sets the mood for your brand
  • Insights into the language your audience wants to hear before they buy
  • How to outline the features and benefits of working with you
  • Clear content planning strategy that crafts your brand, products and services and engages your audience
  • Ready made notes that you can hand over to your team, designer or social media manager so you know your messaging will be consistent.

I’m Tanya – Education, Training and Development Copywriter. 

I’ve worked with educators, trainers and institutions for over 18 years to help them find the words they need to clearly communicate their courses to their students.  With skills in everything from website copy, brand strategy, curriculum development and blog writing, I’m ready to help you connect with your next intake of students.

Every Tone of Voice document is as individual as your business.  The prices below give an indication of the services and inclusions, as well as budget for each level.  The prices below are for small and start up businesses, with 3 or less key services/offers.  

Tone of Voice Packages

SEO Website Copy

Engaging content for your website that lets your brand voice shine through, selling the benefits of working with you.

SEO Blog writing

Engaging blogs that show off your expertise in your unique brand and tone of voice.

SEO Strategy

Get found on the search engines where your audience hangs out – Google, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more

Course and Product Descriptions

Course descriptions that clearly sell the benefits of working and studying with you.

SEO Audit

A comprehensive overview of your website performance with strategies to help you grow your impact.

Curriculum Materials

Research, writing, editing and proofreading for your curriculum needs – online courses, workbooks, E-books, handouts and more. 

Editing and Proofreading

Give your writing a final polish to fix spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and make sure it flows.

Ready, set…

I had an amazing Zoom session with Tanya this morning. Very impressed with Tanya’s ability to show me clear steps in how to avoid being overwhelmed by content ideas and scheduling. She was able to guide me how to be more strategic in my approach and leverage off my existing offerings rather than reinventing the wheel each time. Tanya made what initially seemed like a daunting task for me, very easy and showed me how to work smart not hard. I’m excited to implement her suggestions and definitely recommend Tanya’s services to anyone seeking to improve their business. Thanks a million!! Amanda Coppa

Cosmic Codes

Tanya did an amazing job in taking me through the ins and outs of Pinterest. Her explanation of how it worked, how to grow my followers, when to post, what to post and how it works was clear, easy to understand and simple to follow. No question was too silly, and I came away from the session with loads of ideas on how to effectively leverage Pinterest . Tanya has an incredible depth of knowledge, and really is ‘customer first’ – five stars is not enough!

Elyssia Clark

Author, The Research Toolkit

I just got my download of information from Tanya from my first session working with her and WOW!! Tanya really listened during our session which is reflected in the plan she sent me, could not be more impressed! Will definitely be using Tanya on a regular basis. If you need help with your business, book a session, you won’t be disappointed. Catherine Fernandes

Interior Design Consultant , Ruby Key Interiors

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