As a writer, telling other people’s stories is easy.  Writing your own can be the hardest, but here’s mine, and a little bit of my journey to becoming a Copywriter.

The year was 2016. I entered a perfect storm of having three children under 4, moving to a new house, a much longer commute and a drastically different workplace to the one I had left before maternity leave. 

Going back to my day job, I quickly ran out of sick leave (three kids in childcare!) and started to wonder, what if there’s more to life than this?
This wasn’t my first ride on the career change train, having left teaching 10 years before, I knew the path ahead would be rocky, but exhilarating.

What was a girl to do? Of course, I turned to Google, and started looking at flexible work from home options that would let me use my skills in writing, training and communications.

After blowing my savings on a 3rd rate website that had promised the world but failed to deliver, I decided to never get ripped off again, and took on the challenge of learning how to make websites, SEO, and the power of social media.

As a natural teacher, I found myself helping other businesses in my network. Planning content, coming up with lead magnet ideas, working out how to actually sell stuff online without spending your entire life on Facebook.
I found myself sharing my learning with my networks, and kept being told ‘you should make a business from this’. After the 50th time of hearing this, I actually started to listen. And then promptly fell into a hole of self doubt and insecurity.

How could I, with three kids, working part time from home, make my business work?
What do I actually want to sell and how can I do that?
How can I bridge the gap between what I know and love (training and development), and what I’ve learned about (SEO, writing, websites)?
And all the while, people were telling me – I love those ideas you’ve given me, can you write my website/blog/social media posts too?

It wasn’t so much a bolt of lightning that struck me, but a hundred tiny pushes from the universe saying – go here, try this, now this, keep going and eventually finding momentum.

Just like that, the fog cleared. And an idea emerged. I could do Copywriting. I knew a few amazing copywriters that I admired. And writing has always been my first love.

I realised the common thread in all my work has been communications. In fact, not just being a communicator, but being a connector. Connecting people, ideas, products and services with the right people, at the right time.

Everything changed the day I took the plunge and started calling myself a Copywriter. Suddenly, people knew exactly what I did and how I could help them. I was getting amazing clients through word of mouth and referrals from different industries and loving the variety.

Then, I attended CopyCon19. Australia’s only dedicated Copywriting Conference. As a newbie Copywriter, I had no idea what to expect. The last thing I thought I would find there was my niche, but I did. After talking to some smart fellow copywriters, I realised I had come a full circle, and the work I loved to write for the most is in education, training and development.
In running away from my former career, and trying to do something ‘new’, I still loved the industry, and feel like I have so much more to give to this area.

And so, here I am. Education, Training and Development Copywriter. Red pen in hand and SEO hat on, ready to help trainers, institutions and learning and development companies connect with their ideal students through their websites.

If this sounds like you, let’s connect and see how I can help you find the words to get your future students excited to learn with you.

Education, training, copywriting – the perfect mix. Where the words flow freely, and the coffee is always strong.