Talking to a business friend, we lamented the fact that we needed more than a VA or business coach, we wanted another one of us.    In essence, someone who knew what we did and how it all worked intimately and could intuitively know what needed to be done.  We needed a Business Wife.  And so, Your Business Wife was born.

I had been struggling to build my first business, Employment Avenues while working and looking after my three young children.  Business bits were squeezed into the late nights and snatched moments of naptimes.  It would have been easy to give up and walk away, throwing away a year of work.  Instead, I started building in systems, automations, and learning how I could build my business by working smarter and making technology work for me.

As Employment Avenues grew, I began to realise that I was putting more and more time into servicing directory clients and not growing the business itself.  As I found myself resisting doing the work, I realised that the thing that makes me happiest about my business is helping others.  The training, giving them a million ideas and possibilities for growth, and listening to their struggles and helping them find a way forward using their own gifts and talents.

So, who am I to help other business owners? Well, my main qualification is that I’ve done the hard yards in my first year.  I invested in the training, learnt as much as I could and put it into practice.  I tested and tried and went back to the drawing board a million times.  And it all eventually starts to fall into place.  I certainly don’t know it all.  I haven’t been running my own business for the last 20 years and won any major business awards (yet!).  There are many days that make me want to throw it all in and run to find a cushy office job.

But I had been doing this work for more than 15 years already.  Firstly, as a teacher, I made it my purpose to help my colleagues to plan, organise and resource their classrooms, and shared my ideas and strategies with them.  Then, I went on to build a successful corporate career over more than ten years by making myself indispensable.  I carved a pathway for myself by being dependable, knowledgeable and one step ahead of whatever needed to be done.  I was the right-hand woman, steering the ship from behind (and maybe a bit of a backseat driver) and allowed managers to get on with the business of doing business while I scouted ahead looking for obstacles and making sure we were on track.

I did the practical work too – I’ve been an Internal Auditor, developed quality and compliance systems and processes and became known for being a whiz with an Excel spreadsheet and my ability to create planning tools, policies and processes that are user-friendly, easy to follow and will actually get used.

Throughout these jobs, training was a constant.  I found myself analysing the needs of the teams, and creating solutions for them, and training them in how to save time and stress by getting the technology to work for them.

Now in my business, I find the same patterns emerging.   As my business networks have grown, I started helping others with their business systems too.  Training them step by step in how to set up their Pinterest sites, giving them ideas for winning blogs and content plans, sharing my own tips on growing your audience.  I started trialling and testing all the different programs out there, and shared this so that others don’t waste their time and money doing the same.

I’ve got a secret sauce, and that is that I am ideas machine.  I can tap into what your audience wants and needs and get to the heart of what makes each and every business stand out and help them grow from that.

Your Business Wife is the culmination of almost three years of soul searching for a business that lights me up.  A business that allows me to give back while I grow and learn myself.  I’ve found a way to share my love of learning, teaching, of systems, strategy and idea generation with the world.  Your Business Wife is going to grow along with your business.  As your needs emerge, as technology changes, as you grow your business, I’ll be one step ahead learning how to help you to manage that change.  Building systems, automation, getting you the sustainable processes so that you can have a life outside of your business as well.

Your Business Wife will help your business to:

  • Free up your time by building systems that will let you stop the endless cycle of never catching up and getting ahead.
  • Implement strategies as you grow, no matter what stage you’re at – we can move it to the next phase.
  • Upskill yourself, or help you outsource your administrative and managerial tasks
  • Create amazing SEO friendly content that your audience will love, that reflects your brand story
  • Work together in a way that is unique for each business, touching on what you need to learn, do and change to grow your brand.


If you need someone to teach you how to do it, organise it, plan it, write it or get it done and out there, Tanya at YBW can help.

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