About Me

I’m a little bit fun and quirky, and I believe if you’re in the training, educating and teaching business, then you’re pretty brave and amazing. 


I’m Tanya Adbul Jalil

Ever wished someone would just give you the right words to say?

 Me too.  Except, as a writer, everyone kindof expects you to know what you want to say.  As a teacher, people tend to think you never shut up. 

It’s a lot easier telling someone elses story than your own, but here goes.

Going back to my day job after having my third child, I quickly ran out of sick leave (three kids in childcare!) and started to wonder, what other options are there instead of this?

This wasn’t my first ride on the career change train, having left teaching 10 years before, I knew the path ahead would be rocky, but exhilarating.

 What was a girl to do?  Of course, I turned to Google, discovered the world of freelance writing, and started by setting up a website. And then another, and another and another. 

I also hit the local and online business networks hard, and before I knew it, I had a growing network of people asking for my help, and discovered my superpower.  What’s that? Well, I’m awesome at listening, and then giving people the words they need to pull together all the wobbly bits of their business into a clear, coherent message.  

Along the way, I’ve also got busy and developed my skills in: 

  •  writing for SEO (and learning all there is to know about SEO Audits and keywords along the way
  • Learnt how to use WordPress and Shopify by jumping in and building sites myself
  • Writing for Local SEO and eCommerce, including product and course descriptions
  • Writing, editing and proofreading content for websites, blogs, curriculum materials, ebooks, speeches, presentations and brand messages

After spreading myself around just about every industry and niche there is, I realised I need to come back to my career home, education.  In particular, adult education that helps others change their lives through upskilling, personal, professional and career development. 

And so, here I am.  Education, Training and Development Copywriter.  Red pen in hand and SEO hat on, ready to help trainers, institutions and learning and development companies connect with their ideal students through their websites.

If this sounds like you, let’s connect and see how I can help you find the words to get your future students excited to learn with you.


Education – Training – Copywriting – the perfect mix. 

Where the words flow freely, and the coffee is always strong.

My Skills

I’ve been a writer from a young age, and love playing with words and stories.  

After working as the editor of the ACU student magazine, I started teaching kids how to use writing to create, persuade and entertain.

With a corporate job, I was able to use my skills in writing for training, website copy, writing occupation descriptions and witty emails.

In my copywriting work, I’ve written content for a diverse range of audiences from candles, holistic therapists, custom jewellers, marketers, and carpet cleaners, before coming back to the area closest to my heart, education and training copywriting.

  • Copy Writing
  • Social Media Content Writing
  • Content Strategy and Planning
  • Pinterest Audits and Training
  • Wordpress and Shopify Sites
  • Writing to do lists and drinking coffee

Are you a trainer or facilitator?  You already know the life-changing power of education, now you need the words to help share your message with the world.