Every new thing begins with just a spark of an idea…

I recently saw a TEDx talk, and the speaker mentioned an idea that really struck me.  If you want to be known for your unique ideas and insights, you need to exercise your ‘ideas muscle’.

One of the ways they suggest doing this is by simply writing down 10 new ideas a day.

Something about this challenge has sparked an idea within me.  I love ideas, I love writing, and I love helping people.  So here I am, starting with my ideas.

I’m going to try, if not every day, most days, to post 10 ideas for something.

To start with, I’ve come up with 10 ideas I can write ideas about.

1. Business Ideas for different personality types

2. Business tips that can help you get your systems in order

3. Narrowing down your niche and offerings

4. Questions to ask yourself before starting different types of ventures

5. Unique business ideas

6.  Things you can do to help your work/life balance

7.  Funny stuff

8.  Things I love/hate

9. Awesome content ideas for businesses – blog ideas, headline inspiration, freebies and lead magnets

10. Get shit done tips.

As you can see from the list above, I need some practice, and this is going to take some time to maybe get the method down pat, but I’m taking a deep breath and just starting.  I’m not sure just yet where this will lead me, or what it’ll end up looking like.

If you have a topic you’d like me to give you 10 ideas for – drop me a line below and let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

Have you started a new challenge? what do you think of this one?

What is the 10 Ideas Project?

Inspired by a TEDx talk given by James Altucher, I am on a mission to make myself an ideas machine.  Every day, I will write down 10 ideas for different things.  These might be business tips, inspiration, content ideas, strategy ideas, things I love, things I hate, and all the millions of ways that I can think of to inspire, motivate and encourage mothers who want to change their lives, by either getting a new job, a new career, start a business, or grow their existing business.   They’re quick, flow of thought pieces that map out the 10 first things that come to my mind on a particular topic.  Some days, I’ll expand on them.  Other days, I’ll keep them short.  Some days they’ll be great and some days not so much.  Other days, I’ll make them pretty and use lots of pictures and headings and lovely things.  But I’m making it my mission to keep writing and keep on getting better at them.

If you’ve got a topic or idea you’d like me to brainstorm ideas on, please let me know.  I’m always on the hunt for new inspiration.  I’ll be posting them here, and on my other site, Employment Avenues. If you love my ideas, please tell me (and the whole world), I love to hear what you have to say.  If you think my ideas are terrible, please tell me that too, and I’ll keep trying to get better.

Want to be part of our 10 Ideas Project? Submit your topic below and we'll be in touch when it's published.

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